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Justin DeFreece
Manager, Talent & Content, Inc. Magazine Events

Sean was absolutely instrumental to the success of our event with the former Healthcare Advisor to President Obama. Sean was KEY - not only in building content and marketing to support our cause – but even more so was ESSENTIAL in livening our panel with his insights and natural charisma… A true joy to work with, highly responsive. Definitely a good team player to have around.

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John A. Benson, Jr.
MD President Emeritus American Board of Internal Medicine

…His grasp of the political process, contacts in Washington, and his energy and savvy helped us understand and influence the health care legislation then forming. As a speaker he joined us for several seminars, presentations to the Regents, and various departments. He avoids partisan shadings of the facts, has a sense of humor, and is a reliable resource.

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Michael Krier
Assistant Vice President, Premier Bank

Sean's expert take on the challenges that all businesses face with healthcare reform is phenomenal. His presentation boils down a complex and evolving topic to something easier to understand. E.D. Bellis has been of immense value to me and the practices that do business with my bank.

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Eileen Marrison
President, Two Men and a Truck

Sean is amazing! If you are a small business owner and Obamacare has you scared or worried, send him a message! His rates are soooooo reasonable! After talking to him my blood pressure went from 167 over 91 to 127 over 67!

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Brent Pohlman
President, Midwest Laboratories

Sean is the expert I go to regarding information on the Affordable Care Act. Sean knows the act inside and out. Sean's main interest is informing company representatives of how they can best work in the current healthcare culture with respect to coverage for their employees. If you want information on the Affordable Care Act, seek out Sean. Sean also presents his findings nationwide to different companies and groups. I believe Sean will be a featured representative on a major network within the next year. He currently has a weekly radio program which has been on the air in the Omaha area for over three years. My advice to all executives and managers is that you make sure you are connected to Sean and his team. You will want to keep abreast of all news associated with the affordable care act in the foreseeable future.

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Annette Brandl
RN, BSN, MA, CCM, CMSA-Nebraska Board Member

Our non-profit organization invested above our typical speaker engagement fee. The return on investment was well achieved! CMSA-Nebraska was fortunate to have someone with Sean’s knowledge and Senate background to educate on the changing healthcare landscape!

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Dan Webber
President, Peak Pathways

I’ve heard Sean speak a number of times about the Affordable Care Act. I’ve heard others talk about it, but repeatedly Sean is providing new information and even better clarity than I have heard from other speakers that have talked about this subject. It’s been incredible what I have learned from him.

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Nicole Sedlacek
Executive Director, Holt County Economic Development

To say he knows his stuff is an understatement! He broke it down into easy to understand segments that the audience could better comprehend. I would highly recommend him as a speaker for other business and community groups!

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Susan Wallis
National MS Society - Mid America Chapter

Mr. McGuire presented solution-focused information in an unbiased manner. On behalf of the more 3,500 people living with MS in Nebraska, the MS Society would like to thank Mr. McGuire for his commitment to sharing valuable information about the healthcare law.

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Kevin Hensel
President, Convenient Care Plus

Sean truly is THE EXPERT on the Affordable Care Act...

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Trudy Meyer
CFO, Talent Plus

Given his extensive background in government and healthcare, Sean McGuire brings an all-inclusive perspective to how the Affordable Care Act came to be and now the execution of it.